Why Hydro Recovery



Cost Efficiency
  • Plant locations will be close to drilling sites to reduce transportation expense
  • Can be permitted and constructed quickly for a reasonable cost
  • Reasonable capital expenses does not require unreasonable commitments
  • Portable capacity
    • You may reserve capacity at a specific Hydro plant (Plant A), and with reasonable notice, you may utilize any of your unused, reserved capacity from Plant A at any other Hydro plant with available capacity
  • Every gallon of Hydraulic Stimulation Fluid (HSF™) eliminates a gallon of fresh water required
  • Hydraulic fracturing chemical savings
  • Quick truck turnaround designed to reduce trucking costs
    • Unloading of high total dissolved solids fluids (HTDSF) or frac water and loading of HSF™ is less than 18 minutes
    • Empty trucks coming in to pick up a load of HSF™, can be loaded in less than 11 minutes
  • Can be connected to pipelines
  • Plants can be built near your drilling area upon agreement
  • The quality of the HSF™ product can be escalated or reduced in order to meet your needs; which in turn can save you money