pipeline pic
Hydro Recovery LP
has specifically designed into its overall corporate plan to be more cost effective for the natural gas industry in the Marcellus Shale play by strategically locating plants in order to reduce transportation costs.  By locating plants on a regional basis and close to major interstates, truck traffic will be reduced thus saving money for our clients and reducing traffic for the local communities.

Our customers can choose to use their own trucks, use our logistics and inventory management services, build pipelines directly to our facility, or in some cases use rail to get the water closer to our facilities.  

By having regional plants, there is a reduction in inconvenience to local communities caused by companies hauling water through their area from hundreds of miles away. By reducing trucking miles, it also reduces the wear and tear on roads, the amount of diesel or gas used, and reduces air pollution.  Since production water flows back for the entire life of the well, which could be 20-30 years, some companies are looking to lay production water pipelines with the natural gas gathering lines in order to reduce the need to truck the production water for the life of the well, thus saving them transportation dollars over the life of the well.