September 1, 2015


September 1, 2015



Hydro Recovery opens the doors to its third treatment and recycling facility for the natural gas industry

Burgettstown, PA – Recycling flowback and produced water for the natural gas industry in the Southwest area has just become easier thanks to Hydro Recovery LP openings its doors on September 1st.  Residents and the gas industry will benefit by having an established company locating in the area to provide additional treatment options to the gas industry.

The plant is expected to provide 25 full-time, good paying jobs when fully operational in addition to increased tax revenue from the company.  The new Hydro Recovery –Burgettstown facility located in Hanover Township will be able to store 11 MM gallons of fluids and provide a clean treated brine that the company calls “Hydraulic Stimulation Fluid” or “HSFTM.”  The plant will also have a mud facility that will be able to take low and high solids such as drilling fluids, cement water, tank cleanings, frac sand, and transmission fluids.

Hydro intends on being a good neighbor by working with its customers in abiding by local ordinances or requests, such as reduced or no trucking during the hours that school buses are on the roads.  The plant was located at the intersection of State Routes 18 and 22 in order for trucks to be able to have easy access from the highways thereby reducing truck traffic on other roads.

The utmost environmental protections went into the construction of the plant such as fencing around the perimeter, security cameras, secondary containment for any storage or processing of wastewater, paved facility to keep dust down, air quality controls such as lids on the tanks, and alarms with secondary alarms on all tanks.  “Protecting the environment has always been a top priority with our owners and our customers,” said Chris Wunz, CEO of Hydro Recovery.  “Our customers, who are mostly natural gas operators, seek out companies like ours that have both experience and high environmental standards.”

Hydro has taken an active role in both the Marcellus Shale Coalition and the PA Independent Oil and Gas Association by having a role as a Vice Chair and Chair on the respective Water Resources and Waste Management Committees.  By doing so, Hydro keeps abreast of state and federal regulations that affect the industry and helps establish best management practices for one of our most valuable resources – water.  By reusing treated brine versus freshwater, the industry can save millions of gallons of freshwater from being withdrawn from our streams.

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Teresa Irvin McCurdy

VP Business Development, Government and Public Relations