May 20, 2010

Hawbaker Engineering presented updated plans to the Blossburg Borough Council Monday, May 17, for a proposed hydrofracturing water recycling plant. Hydro Recovery LP, Shamokin Dam, would own the plant.

Eric Kann, Hawbaker project manager and senior designer, introduced the final land development plans at the meeting. Council had granted permission last year to re-zone the project location from commercial to industrial.

Kann said the changes included: moving an industrial dumpster closer to the process and adding an office, meeting room and showers. Trucks would drive around a loop, stopping at one of five bays to load and unload.

Kann said the frack water, reclaimed from underground gas wells, would first enter a “wet well” where the heavy solids could settle. When asked, he said the well would be “open to the sky” to allow easier removal for gravel, etc.

by Jason Przybycien