March 17, 2010

More potential jobs may be in the works in Lawrence Township.

The Lawrence Township Supervisors granted a conditional usage for Hydro Recovery at their meeting Tuesday David Hedrick of Hydro Recovery and Steven Beattie of Herbert, Rowland and Grubic Inc. engineering services spoke to the supervisors about Hydro Recovery, which is a proposed "frac water" treatment plant.

Hedrick and Beattie are looking for conditional usage for a parcel of land near the Clearfield/Lawrence Airport on Airport Road for the plant.

Hedrick said Hydro Recovery is working to have all the permits and paperwork in place, but whether the plant is built will depend on the amount of demand from the Marcellus Shale industry and the success of the company's plant in another location.

The area is zoned light manufacturing/residential. A business, such as a frac water treatment plant, can be allowed, providing it is located on a lot which is at least 2 acres, is 200 feet wide, has a yard of 50 feet in the front and rear of the building and 40 feet on the sides. The plant would not be permitted to have any type of storage in the front or in the side yard.

Hedrick said the plant will treat the flow-back frac water used to break the shale to release the gas.
The plant will soften the water and remove any heavy metals. Hedrick said the plant would treat the frac water, then add clean water to the treated water. The water will then be reloaded into the trucks and taken to be used to frac more wells.

Hedrick said if the plant is built, it will begin operations in two different phases. The first phase will handle about 25 trucks and treat 150,000 gallons of frac water per day. In phase two, the plant will handle about 50 trucks and 300,000 gallons of frac water per day. There would be no discharge of water from the plant and the leftover sludge will be hauled to a landfill.

Beattie said construction on the plant could begin in 2011 or 2012 depending on the market for gas wells and the success of a plant which is presently under construction in Blossburg.

He said Airport Road is a good location for the plant due to its close location to Interstate 80 and the lack of homes in the area.
Hedrick said if the plant is constructed, it will employ about 12 people and create jobs in the trucking industry for drivers to take the frac water to the plant and to bring the treated water back to the well sites.

Supervisor Glenn Johnston asked if the Clearfield Municipal Authority would be able to handle the amount of water the plant will be using. Supervisor Bill Lawhead said he had spoken to Jeff Williams from CMA and said Williams felt the authority is able to handle the additional water usage.

Supervisor Ed Brown asked about a possible bond for Airport Road. He said the additional truck traffic would cause strain on the road. Beattie said Hydro Recovery would be willing to discuss a bond for the road.

The Courier Express
Kimberly Finnigan