February 24, 2011

Ben Franklin to Invest $875,000 in PA Technology Companies

BETHLEHEM, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/NEP) board approved the investment of $875,000 in regional companies. BFTP/NEP is an award-winning, state-funded economic development organization that links early-stage technology firms and established companies with experts, universities, funding, and other resources to help them prosper through innovation.

Since beginning operation, BFTP/NEP has helped to create 14,301 new jobs and retain 21,236 existing jobs, to start 408 new companies, and to develop 948 new products and processes. Ben Franklin has returned $3.50 to Pennsylvania for every $1.00 invested in the program.

BFTP/NEP will make four investments from its operating funds:

BioSample Solutions LLC, Ben Franklin TechVentures, Bethlehem - $70,000

Complete development and begin commercialization of the BioCookie™, a proprietary new sample preparation technique for application in DNA and RNA extraction technology. BioSample manufactures DNA and RNA extraction kits for laboratory tests on blood and saliva. These tests will allow for the development of increasingly sophisticated drugs and more personalized medicine regimes. Sample preparation will be greatly simplified and accomplished at twice the speed.

Pivitec, LLC, Coplay - $70,000

Complete design of four hardware products and one software control application for this developer of audio streaming and distribution products. Pivitec uses mobile devices and personal computers as interactive controllers for its network devices. The company’s first products combine several new technologies that address problems in professional audio productions in live performance venues like Broadway theatre and contemporary houses of worship, and in studio recording. Products in development target audio networking and control solutions for commercial applications in facilities like boardrooms, airports, meeting rooms, and in classrooms.

PROVA Systems, LLC, Carbondale - $35,000

PROVA manufactures a wireless diagnostic device for use in passenger cars and light duty trucks. This device allows proactive, real-time field management of vehicles using data derived from its usage patterns and collected from its on-board computers. The devices provide a unified set of data points for analysis from any vehicle, allowing for an efficiency comparison among a company’s entire fleet. This project will help PROVA develop a business plan, file patent applications, upgrade marketing materials, develop key contracts with potential resellers and licensors, and complete a redesign of a product module to reduce manufacturing costs.

RantNetwork, Inc., Bloomsburg - $50,000

Expand the marketing and development initiatives of RantNetwork’s “Communilator” application for language translation in mobile phones. Communilator™ is the first mobile phone language translation application capable of reading and translating foreign text real-time in more than 50 languages and 3,000 language pairs, captured with the host’s mobile phone camera. The application also provides voice translation from text keyed in from the host’s mobile phone in more than 20 foreign languages. It can send and receive SMS and e-mail translations and post translations to Twitter and Facebook. Communilator is targeted to individuals involved with international business, travel, and global social networking. It can provide a key component of second-language support programs, such as ESL. RantNetwork is developing Voice-to-Text, Voice-to-Voice, and “Live Connection,™” that will provide instant access to live translators real-time. RantNetwork recently signed an exclusive contract with Etihad Etisalat for the distribution of its Arabic version of the Communilator in Saudi Arabia through the mobile phone operator, Mobily.

BFTP/NEP will invest in three companies through its grant from the Alternative Energy Development Program (AEDP).

Electrikus Incorporated, Ben Franklin TechVentures, Bethlehem - $150,000

Produce an initial batch of up to 100 refrigerator power backup units and begin market penetration efforts. Electrikus has patented its ElectroFlo technology, a technologically innovative and energy-smart battery backup system for use with lighting and critical home appliances. Electrikus’ initial product, the Illumaguard, provides up to 10 hours of back-up for residential lighting in the event of a power outage. The product is inconspicuous and intelligent in the way it discharges and recharges, and allows a household lamp to light automatically at the onset of a power outage.

Hydro Recovery LP, Blossburg - $250,000

Establish a manufacturing plant in Tioga County, in the Marcellus Shale drilling region, to treat water used in the exploration for natural gas, and convert the water into reusable products to be used in natural gas recovery. The treatment process utilizes “frac” water. Frac water accumulates total dissolved solids during natural gas exploration that cannot be released untreated. Hydro Recovery’s process converts the used frac water to a Hydraulic Stimulation Fluid (HSF™), which is reused to extract more natural gas. This process will eliminate the need to transport wastewater over long distances. Further, by recycling frac water into a reusable product, it will reduce the environmental impact of gas extraction by saving millions of gallons of freshwater each year. Hydro Recovery recycles 100% of waters used in the treatment process; thereby eliminating discharge.

ZeroTruck Corporation, Allentown - $250,000

Complete development of a proprietary continuous variable transmission for medium-duty all-electric trucks. ZeroTruck’s next-generation electric drive integration system will be installed in new truck chassis to convert gasoline and diesel trucks to zero-emission plug-in electric vehicles. With surging fuel costs, expanding environmental protection regulation, and public demand for environmentally friendly transportation, the electric vehicle market continues to grow. ZeroTruck plans to establish its production facility in the Lehigh Valley.



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