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Position Description

Position:Plant Operator

Reports To:Plant Manager

Basic Functions:

The Plant Operator performs routine operations and maintenance of the HTDSF (High Total Dissolved Solids Fluids) Treatment Plant, its equipment, and all of the appurtenances associated with the treatment process.  This position requires collecting samples of raw and finished process fluids; performing laboratory tests and accurately recording data for analysis.  It also requires a mechanical aptitude for completing routine preventative maintenance and repair.  The operator will be required to engage in tank truck loading and unloading activity and aide the customer with the initial connecting/disconnecting process.  The operator will be required to operate a front end loader and load sludge trucks as part of the disposal process. This position requires attention to detail, visual observation, and proper use of time, hand tools, and equipment.

Specific Duties:

  • Perform connecting a 4 inch cam lock hose connection.
  • Operate a Truck Load/Fill Panel and assists customers with the operation.
  • Visually observe and recognized non-approved loads of HTDSF.
  • Sets and adjusts machine controls to regulate process conditions, such as flow, temperature, pH, etc.
  • Monitors process flow and instruments such as, temperature and pressure gauges, flow meters, fixed analytical instrumentation (pH, Conductivity, etc.), in order to ensure optimal process conditions.
  • Starts agitators, shakers, conveyors, pumps, filter press, then turns valves or moves controls to admit, drain, separate, filter, clarify, mix or transfer material.
  • Examines samples visually or by hand to verify qualities such as clarity, cleanliness, consistency, dryness, and texture.
  • Maintains logs of instrument readings, test results, and shift production.
  • Tests samples to determine attributes such as viscosity, acidity, specific gravity, etc., performs specialized testing associated with the treatment process.
  • Measures or weighs, materials to be refined or processed, mixed, transferred, or stored.
  • Cleans tanks, screens, inflow pipes, production areas and equipment using hoses, brushes, scrapers, or cleaning solutions.
  • Inspects machines and equipment for hazards, operating efficiency, malfunctions, wear, and leaks.
  • Records operational data, personnel attendance, and instrumentation, flow meter, or gauge readings on specified forms.
  • Operates heavy equipment to load sludge trucks, and maintains sludge storage area and equipment.
  • Performs custodial duties throughout the entire facility.
  • Performs seasonal work such as, snow removal, lawn mowing, trimming, weeding, raking, digging, etc.
  • Maintains buildings, fences, and security entrances.
  • Runs errands, picks-up materials and parts when needed.
  • May be required to perform all duties at satellite locations when needed.
  • Perform other duties outside of the general description when required.


  • Requires a minimum of a High School diploma or GED.
  • May Include
    • Associates Degree in Science or Engineering
    • Two-year recognized trade school or trade apprenticeship
    • Military Training and Experience
    • Professional Development training from a recognized institution

Working Conditions:

  • Outdoors in all types of weather conditions, including inclement weather.
  • Indoors in a treatment facility, laboratory, or office.
  • Exposure to noise, dust, vibrations, fumes, odors, confined spaces, heights, production areas, tank truck, and heavy traffic areas.
  • Ability to walk, climb, sit, and stand for long periods.
  • Work irregular hours, especially in peak production cycles or emergency situations.
  • Exposure to commercial three phase electrical power, energized machinery, rotating equipment, conveyors and moving parts.
  • Ability to climb stairs or ladders, access underground vaults, move around equipment, including tight, restricted and confined spaces.
  • Mechanical repair or maintenance of equipment that may require the ability to climb on top, underneath or sides of equipment.
  • Heavy lifting may be involved occasionally.
  • Utilization of analytical laboratory equipment, meters, precision balance, and related equipment, techniques and procedures.
  • Comply with Laboratory QA/QC procedures and testing.
  • Utilization of hand tools or equipment including but not limited to brooms, shovels, rakes, digging bars, picks, ladders, hammers, sledgehammers, screw drivers, wrenches, sockets, drills, hand-held weed cutters, lawn equipment, loader, air/gas/electric power tools, grinders, pumps, generators, air compressor, forced air heater, pressure/steam washers, snow removal equipment, hoists/chains/cables, torches, saws, and other tools and equipment as may be required.
  • Utilization of safety equipment including but not limited to hard hat, safety glasses w/side shields, rain suits, gloves, boots, respirators, gas detectors, aprons, face shields w/splash guards, full body harness, rescue and retrieval tripod, fresh air blower, lanyards, fall protection, hearing protection, safety vests, barricades, traffic cones, lockout/tagout equipment, Arc Flash PPE, hand-held flags, work signs, etc.
  • Exposure to chemicals and or substances including but limited to, cleaning chemicals, acids, bases, paint, paint cleaners, gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricants, oil, process fluids, process waste stream liquids and sludge, pesticides, insecticides, etc.
  • Physical demands include but are limited to standing, sitting, walking, carrying, lifting, pushing/pulling, bending, reaching/handling, twisting, climbing, crawling.

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