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Hydro Recovery LP (Hydro) is a manufacturer of Hydraulic Stimulation Fluid (HSF™). The process will utilize high total dissolved solids fluids (HTDSF) which are classified as a residual waste and process it into a reusable HSF™ product. HTDSF is generated during the natural gas exploration and production activities and is commonly referred to as drilling fluids, "frac water," "flowback water," or "production water."  The company can also offer Marcellus Shale wastewater disposal.

Hydro Recovery plans on building multiple regional plants that will be strategically located along main routes where natural gas is being drilled in the Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The goal is to minimize transportation to within 30 miles of well sites, increase convenience for customers, reduce trucking expenses, and reduce truck traffic in local communities – all while being more environmentally friendly. Natural gas companies can choose to install their own pipelines which could run from their own gas wells or centralized impoundments directly to Hydro Recovery in order to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for trucking.

Hydro began construction of its first plant located at the I-99 exit for Blossburg Borough, Tioga County, in October 2010 and has achieved commercial operations in June of 2011. At full capacity plants are designed to receive approximately 330,000 gallons or 7,857 barrels of HTDSF per day producing approximately 360,000 gallons or 8,571 barrels of HSF™ per day and employing 16-20 new full time skilled jobs, while adding significant additional benefits to the local real estate and payroll tax bases.

The picture on the left shows a rendition of how the plant was originally designed.  Due to Hydro's success and its ability to adapt and grow with the natural gas industry, the picture on the right shows the planned expansion for the Blossburg location which will include increased storage capacity and a crystallizer.



Water that seeps from coal mines into the waterways is called “Acid Mine Drainage water” or “AMD water” and contains high levels of sulfates which pollute the waterways. Hydro Recovery has developed a process to treat AMD water to standards that can replace freshwater usage by Marcellus Shale natural gas companies for hydraulic fracturing.  By treating AMD water before it is released into streams, Hydro Recovery is helping to clean up the waterways of Pennsylvania and saving billions of gallons of freshwater from being used.  Hydro Recovery broke ground on its second plant to treat HTDSF and to treat AMD water in November 2011.  The Antrim plant began operations in the 1st quarter of 2013 in Duncan Township, Tioga County, PA.

About Hydro Recovery

Hydro Recovery LP is a manufacturer of Hydraulic Stimulation Fluid (HSF™) based in Blossburg, PA.  The firm treats residual wastewater from the Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling and production process and Acid Mine Drainage Water, and converts it into HSF™, which can be reused by drillers in future operations.  Hydro Recovery LP is owned by Shaner Capital, LP.

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