Company Info


  • Hydro takes inbound deliveries of high total dissolved solids fluids (“HTDSF”), or frac water, and processes it for reuse in hydraulic fracturing 
  • This greatly reduces the volumes of freshwater withdrawn for fracing, thus benefiting the environment
  • Customers with longer-term contracts both dispose of HTDSF and take away HSFTM to reuse in fracing operations
  • Hydro offers a “disposal-only” option where customers can deliver HTDSF directly to Hydro’s facilities and dispose of it for a fee.  There is no storage commitment or obligation to take away any treated water. Disposal is accomplished as follows:
  • Water Brokerage: Customer delivers HTDSF, which is subsequently processed into HSF and taken away by different customers (for a credit) for use in frac operations
  • Evaporation Technology: Hydro has developed patent-pending evaporation technology to provide permanent disposal of oil and gas liquid waste
 Mobile Treatment  
  • The Company has recently developed a patented mobile treatment solution which is a self-contained, portable unit designed to treat oil and gas liquid wastewater for reuse in facing operations
  • Units are used to provide treatment capacity in remote, hard to reach areas within Appalachia
  • Other uses include remediating in-ground impoundments (given the phase-out in PA) and acting as a foundation for a hub-and-spoke treatment and reuse model in new basins across North America
 Freshwater Sales & Logistics  
  • Hydro also offers freshwater to its customers through two permits totaling ~600k gallons/day
  • Ability to build freshwater pipelines
  • Currently selling freshwater to several major local producers